St. Filip i Jakov: Croatia's hidden gem for a good life

A small town that offers great pleasure, a hidden gem that offers the good life on many levels. Whether you are looking for a luxurious second home by the sea or want to invest in real estate on the Adriatic, Sveti Filip i Jakov is a place that deserves your attention. Located between the sunny city of Zadar and the royal city of Biograd, Sv. Filip i Jakov is developing into a really desirable place to own real estate. It has clean sea and beaches, good food and lots of sun, a long promenade by the sea, a lot of cultural and historical heritage. And, of course, the undeniable charm that only a small town can give you. With a new luxury resort and marina under construction, this charming town is turning into a gem that will attract a new type of clientele and guests. Ladies and gentlemen, let us take you through the lovely city (and county) Sveti Filip i Jakov!

Sveti Filip i Jakov - a perfect geographical location for both life and tourism

Sveti Filip i Jakov has everything you could need for everyday life – shops, restaurants, cafes, a pharmacy, even a cinema. It also has an incredible geographical position that makes it easy for you to see, feel and explore the abundance of content that this part of Dalmatia can offer you. This lovely town combines the charm and peace of a small town with the proximity of larger cities, historical, cultural and natural sights.

The 3,000-year-old city of Zadar, a major tourist center, is only half an hour away by car. The nearest airport is only 20 kilometers from Sveti Filip i Jakov. Amazing nature in national parks and nature parks, as well as the royal city of Nin are less than an hour away. But who said you need a car to go somewhere else? A long promenade by the sea connects Sv. Filip i Jakov with the small town of Turanj where you will find an ancient tower that survived the Ottoman attacks.

Enchanting natural beauty at your fingertips in Sveti Filip i Jakov

You've heard of Croatia's natural beauty, but have you experienced it? Owning a property in St. Philip and Jakov will allow you to immerse yourself in its revival whenever you want. Kornati National Park it is unique and the densest group of islands in the Mediterranean Sea. It is the perfect destination if you want to connect with untouched nature or discover new places by sailing.

The next stop is the equally charming Mljet National Park, also located on the island. Mljet is the oldest national park on the Adriatic and is full of fragrant Mediterranean vegetation, but also cultural heritage.

In less than an hour's drive to the south, you will feel the enormous power of the waterfalls on your skin Krka National Park.

On the other hand, if you head north, you can find yourself walking along the paths of the mighty Velebit mountain and discovering the Paklenica National Park.

In the vicinity of Sveti Filip i Jakov you will find several nature parks, such as Vrana Lake. The bird lovers among you will be delighted with this it ornithological reserve.

Intriguing historical stories and traditions that will enchant you

If you are interested in intriguing historical stories and rich cultural heritage, Croatia is a country that has a lot to offer you. You will never be bored, and the same applies to Sveti Filip i Jakov and its surroundings. Namely, many Zadar nobles had summer residences in Saint Philip and Jacob. Today you will find Borelli Park there, which stands as a beautiful monument of park architecture. Also, the Borelli house with an arboretum from the fin du siècle. The Borelli family she used to invite her friends and important personalities of her time to accompany them on summer vacations. That's why we consider them to be the forerunners of today's tourism through vacation homes and apartments. Furthermore, in Sv. Filip i Jakov you will find many important churches, such as the church of St. Andrije in Babac, the island opposite Turnje. In addition to the nearby archaeological and cultural sites, the property in Filip i Jakov will allow you to easily explore and two Croatian royal cities – Biograd and Nin.

Nin is the oldest Croatian royal city and is considered the cradle of the Croatian state. If you want to walk through history, Nin is the perfect choice. Not only because of its museums, the smallest cathedral in the world and the statue of Gregory of Nin, whose thumb is believed to bring you luck when you touch it.

This is because historical heritage is pulped on its streets, and salt is felt in the air, so important for the city of Nin.

Saltworks Nin it is a meeting place of tradition, human commitment and the power of nature. It has existed for 1500 years and brings the finest salt created by nature - harsh storm, sea and sun.

Fine dining in Sv. Philip and Jacob

After a good walk and a short peek into history, you or the tourists in your holiday apartment will want something great to eat. Fortunately, Croatia is known for delicious seasonal food, fish and meat that please the palate, strong olive oil and top quality wine.

You will find it in Sveti Filip i Jakov numerous restaurants which will satisfy not only your hunger but also your desire for pleasure. And if you're up for another trip to the south, less than 50 minutes' drive away, you'll find a Michelin restaurant in Šibenik Pilgrims.

Enjoy the most beautiful sea in the world and get to know the beaches

It's no secret that the Adriatic Sea is one of the most beautiful seas in the world. If you visit Sveti Filip i Jakov, blessed with pristine sea and diverse beaches, you will see why this is so.

If you prefer sandy, tame and pebbly beaches with lots of facilities, Iza banja beach in Filip i Jakov is the choice for you. Connecting St. Filip i Jakov s Turnj, a pebbly Croatian beach is located on the Lungo mare promenade. All of you who want more privacy and pine shade can discover the wild Tustica beach near Sv. Peter.

A new project that will change the contours of Sv. Philip and Jakov tourism

The potential of St. Filip i Jakov as a tourist destination is recognized by investors and entrepreneurs.

A new marina with 127 berths for boats under 12 meters is being built as we write this blog. The new marina will also have external berths for larger ships.

But that's not all, part of the marina project is the construction of a luxury resort with villas and apartments for rent. The project is under construction - it is expected that the new marina will be finished and ready for its guests in 2024.

The goal of this ambitious project is to attract a new type of clientele – charter guests and guests looking for better accommodation and amenities.

We have no doubt that this kind of project will change the course of the river Sv. Filip and Jakov, for the better, if it can be added.

We also see great potential in Sveti Filip i Jakov, which is why we decided on ours luxury project to build in this county. Three superb villas, equipped with everything you could need, both for living and for renting, in a unique location that ensures a return on investment.

If you want to know more about how to invest in real estate on the Croatian coast or are looking for another high-class house on the beautiful Adriatic, contact us. We will be happy to share our knowledge about real estate and investments with you!

Photo: Pexels, Pixabay.

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